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A Topic-Less Day

2009-11-08 2 留言

Come on in ladies and gents, welcome to the mind of Showbeddy, coming up next… nothingness.

There you go, guys. A post without a topic. I knew it’s coming eventually but I’ve got to admit… it’s a lot sooner than I’d expected.

I’m not exactly running out of topics, you see. But at the moment in my shiny “idea" chest the only things available are one unfinished story plot and a whole lot of movies I watched… and I really hate to turn this into a movie blog.

But that’s all I’ve been doing… watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books. If I don’t talk about movies, I’d have to talk about my life — and everyone knows I’m not doing that well right now. Anyway I’m reading up on “STUDYING" and “MEMORY POWER." I ain’t ashamed to say out loud that I’m seeking help in “how to studying," I just wish I had done it… say, like oh… 8 years ago.

It’s actually pretty funny. All my life it’s the only thing I knew how to do and I thought I did it pretty well. But I didn’t even know why and how I did it. It’s kinda like people know how to chew and swallow but when it comes to EATING… the subject is so complicated and philosophical it’s almost like… an art.

But NO, studying is not an art (thank God). It’s sets of systems developed that best suit people’s lifestyles and learning habits. What really surprises me is how much of these so-called systems and techniques I’ve already known and used for a long time without realising that they are beneficial. What’s frustrating is that whatever system I’ve been using my whole life comes from a long, long series of trial-and-errors and repeated failures and disappointments in school. Imagine, if I’ve approached these books when I entered college… how much different my life would be.

But then again, I would have never joined LE, and my life would have meant nothing (Oh Yeah Babe!)

(You ass-kissing sonabitch)

Before I hit the [publish] button… you know what’s interesting though? This whole post only took me 22 minutes. I wonder if I write faster in English. Yesterday I was writing about 【500 Days of Summer】and I kept having to translate what came to my mind into Chinese. It was SO MUCH fun (not).

500 Days of Summer (戀夏500日)

2009-11-07 7 留言

– 內有重雷,小心服用 –


【500 Days of Summer】- 曾經深深受傷,方能細細品嚐。


電影前後交錯的段落相當成功,同樣的stimulus (for lack of a better word) 在不同氣氛不同心情下的不同反應,顯出前後落差之間的對比,尤其是劇中男主角在公園的那段插曲,整個奇妙地表現出一頭栽進愛情中的可愛,實在令人印象深刻。3rd Rock from the Sun(外星人報到)那個尷尬的小鬼,一轉眼長好大了,想來我們也跟著變老了。 <— (誰在乎你啊)


我覺得【500 Days of Summer】其實是一部療傷系的電影,一整個適合正在撫平情傷的人,隨著電影的頹廢瘋狂,像是摔盤子啦辭頭路啦之類的,逐漸釋懷然後帶著微笑繼續往前走。

貫穿這部片的概念大約是「愛情不能強求」或者「緣分會自己來的」或者「自然會找到出路的」,雖然我總覺得什麼都賴到緣分身上,其實它還蠻倒楣的。而且就算你沒在這間餐廳碰到這個人,你也許會在去餐廳的路上碰到另外一個人;既然這樣你每天出門隨隨便便也遇到一堆人,在台灣隨便停個紅綠燈身旁大概都有幾十個人了,你怎麼知道他們不是你的真愛?Summer 又如何知道他碰到了對的人?或許她的真命天子其實是坐在餐廳另一邊從來沒跟她說過話的另一個人?又或者是路口那個在印度有雙博士學位的熱狗攤販?就如同男孩早就見過 Autumn 但從沒注意過她,如果就這麼錯過了,那又怎麼著?即使碰到了,難道她就是真愛了嗎?辛棄疾說「眾裏尋他千百度,驀然回首,那人卻在,燈火闌珊處。」難道相信緣分,就可以微笑閉上眼,就不用積極尋他千百度了嗎?